Drink Drive Courses

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Discontinuation of Drink Drive Rehabilitation (DDR) Courses

Following changes imposed on us by Government policy on increasing competition, HAPAS regretfully announces it can no longer afford to offer its courses on Drink Drive Rehabilitation beyond 29 July 2016.
HAPAS Trustees carried out a risk assessment and reluctantly concluded that they have no option but to surrender their Course Approval. All bookings on courses ending by 29 July 2016 will be honoured and the HAPAS office will close on that date and subsequently the Charity will be wound up.
As a Charity we have successfully provided a quality service since 1998 at a cost-covering rate but recently the new provisions have resulted in a greatly reduced number of offenders opting to use HAPAS. Despite reducing our overhead costs to a bare minimum we are no longer able to break even. This situation is very unlikely to change.
The addition of a £7 statutory fee we have to pay to DVSA, the Government Department responsible, for each participant on DDR courses has further eroded our trading position.
We have continued to provide Drink Drive Rehabilitation Courses for the last 3 years under this new regime, but with our reserves significantly depleted it is no longer viable to continue providing this service which nonetheless remains dear to our hearts.
HAPAS Board of Trustees

Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course – Letter sent to ALL referral orders held by HAPAS

Our records show that we have received a court referral order  for you to attend a drink drive rehabilitation course with HAPAS.  You need to be aware that we are ceasing business on 29th July 2016.

If you still wish to attend a rehabilitation course and have not booked one with us in the meantime,  you will need to get in touch with your sentencing court who will arrange to transfer you to another provider.  All referrals will be sent back to the appropriate sentencing court in due course.  You should use the Find Your Nearest facility at http://www.dft.gov.uk/fyn/ddrs.php to decide which alternative provider you would like to use and then contact the Court that made the order to arrange your attendance.

Yours faithfully,

The HAPAS Team